Mini-moto support grows

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The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) has received a positive response from a number of Local Authorities to work towards more legal venues for the use of mini-motos

In April 2006 the ACU will hold a conference for Police and Local Authorities showing how simply the problem of illegal minimotos can be tackled with temporary tracks and insurance. . Local Authorities have already started working with the ACU Local Authority Support Unit to get advice on the type of area used, layout of facilities and the level of training for instructors, etc.

If you are considering buying a minimoto over Christmas, follow the links, right for advice on what to buy, and how to ride legally. You can also get details of the enarest legal venues and clubs by conacting the ACU on 01788-566400.

The ACU can assist in starting new clubs and offer insurance, training and risk assessment procedues, enabling Authorities to make provision for mini-biking at virtually no cost. More information is available on 01788-566419.

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