Off-road clampdowns

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Police will seize bikes as part of a clamp down on off-road riding at The Desert in Mansfield.

Despite use by up to 50 bikes each weekend, the site is not an official off-road site and use is therefore illegal. Operation Abi-Dahbi was launched following complaints from residents, walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Nottingham police will be at the site every weekend, checking bikes and issuing parents with safety leaflets. They are also issuing warnings which give the police the power to confiscate bikes for a repeat offence.

Rider’s documentation and number plates are also being checked, and the police are even making a note of any company vehicles being used to transport the bikes, and contacting the employers.

Meanwhile the Trustees of Brandon Wood near Coventry are calling for increased policing to protect the ancient woodlands.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff