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All the KTM riders have decided to finish the Dakar in respect for their fallen team-mate Fabrizio Meoni, who died on Tuesday.

KTM team bosses had urged the riders to quit the rally but they have all decided to continue saying it is what Meoni would have wanted. Stage 12 was cancelled on Wednesday for the bikes and all the riders and bikes were airlifted to Bamako ready for today’s 370km special.

Jean Brucy, Team KTM Gauloises, said: “By all means, we want a “blue one” to be on the podium in Dakar. In respect of what Richard [Sainct] did we go on this rally and we will finish in respect of Fabrizio as well. That is our way of remembrance.” Team mate Alfie Cox added: “We have been working for this Dakar for one year. I have invested a lot of energy to be within the top drivers. It is our decision to finish the rally. And I am sure that Fabrizio would have accepted this due to him being a great sportsman.”

The bikes have just passed through the second check point of the day and Yamaha rider David Fretigne is leading followed by Andy Caldecott, Chris Blais, Alfie Cox, De Azevedo, Esteve Pujol and Marc Coma.

Coma is struggling with a broken tripmaster route map while overall leader Cyril Despres has had to cut off his right exhaust pipe after damaging it on a stone and is currently sitting in twelfth.

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