Electric Pocket Rocket

Published: 01 July 2005

The electric Pocket Rocket from toy firm Razor is aimed at letting kids experience motorcycles without the complications of a petrol engine.

The toy bike costs £249.99, and is aimed at ages eight years and above. Power comes from a long life battery, with a riding time of 45 minutes and a maximum speed of 15mph. It's chain-driven with front and rear brakes, charging time is 4-6 hours, and there is a coasting facility for maximum efficiency.

The Pocket Rocket should be small enough to fit inside the boot of most sallon cars at 97.5cm by 31cm by 51cm, and it weighs 23kg.

Obviously it isn't road legal and can only be used in controlled riding environments. It costs £249.99. Contact: 0118 973 6222.