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Biking celebrities are taking advantage of the fact you can still sign up for MCN's new Fantasy Road Racing competition by joining in the fun.

You can enter at any point during the entire season, but obviously the sooner you join in, the better your chances. For just £5 you could walk away with a £12,000 Rizla Suzuki at the end of the season, or one of our monthly prizes. Click here to join the fun.

The first two stars to sign up their own teams are Rizla Suzuki's Shane Byrne and James Haydon:

Shane Byrne's Team:

MotoGP: Capirossi, Vermuelen.

WSB: Nieto, Kagayama.

BSB: Byrne, Haydon.

For BSB, I have to pick myself and James. I wouldn’t be with this team if I didn’t think it was the strongest in the paddock and able to help me regain my British Superbike Championship crown. On the same bike as me, James will be a force to be reckoned with this season, so is a natural choice. “For WSB I’ve gone for Yuki on the Suzuki. We already know the bike is good and from personal experience, I know how hard a rider he is. His second year in BSB was impressive and shows once he learns the circuits he is a formidable racer and we can expect the same in WSB. Fonsi Nieto is quality right out of the top drawer and I think will use his GP experience to surprise a lot of people. “For MotoGP I think if Ducati can improve its performance slightly, then Loris is going to be right on Valentino’s coat tails. He’s a hard riding little guy and it gets my blood racing to watch him ride. Chris is new to MotoGP and to Suzuki but is another quality rider who I think will outperform expectations, so he get’s my vote. “$10million sounds like a lot but when you look at the prices, it doesn’t go far. Mind you, if anyone wants to give me $2million then I’d be very happy to take it off their hands…”

James Haydon's team:

MotoGP: Rossi, Vermeulen.

WSB: Corser, Ianuzzo.

BSB: Haydon, Richards.

“I am the first person I picked in BSB. With Rizla Suzuki I’m in the best team with the best bike and I’m going to have a fast team mate to push me to my limits. I would have picked Shane as well, but the $10million budget wouldn’t stretch to his wages! So I’ve gone for Glen Richards who will score good solid points every weekend. “In WSB I had one choice – my good friend and current World Champion Troy Corser on the Suzuki. He won’t be easy to beat in his second year on the bike with the same team. Ianuzzo on another Suzuki is my second choice. An ex-European Superstock Champion, he has the ability and now he has the machinery as well, so could surprise a few by scoring strong finishes. “Valentino Rossi is a must, even at the high price. I can’t honestly see anyone beating him, he’s a special rider and this is money well spent. New Suzuki signing Chris Vermeulen on the Suzuki is a great rider and will score consistently as he learns his trade in MotoGP, so another good choice. “The prize list from Plantec is awesome – good luck to everyone, but you’re going to need a helluva team to beat mine.”

To have a chance to beat Shane Byrne and James Haydon in MCN's fantasy Road Racing Competition, click here.

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