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It's been the hot topic of the season, but while the cost, development and even the very existence of traction control systems have been hotly debated in WSB, 2006 BSB champ Ryuichi Kiyonari says it’s a waste of time in the UK series.

The HM Plant Honda star reckons the bumpy and twisty nature of many UK tracks, and the shorter race distances found in BSB, means the benefits of traction control can’t be properly exploited.

In an interview to be published in MCN next week, when asked if he needs traction control on his HRC Blade he said: “No, just smoother power delivery. I’m not sure anyone needs it in BSB. The tracks are bumpy and the races short so tyre life is not so important. WSB and MotoGP much harder on tyres – it’s needed more there.”

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