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Triumph Triple Challenge organiser Tony Scott has thrown down the gauntlet to the organisers the Virgin Yamaha R6 Cup and GS-X-R Trophy one-make championships to promote a special end-of-season race-off.

Scott said: “There’s three one-make 600cc racing championships running at different meetings next year so why not take the top ten from each championship and have a shootout to see who comes out on top?”

The Triumph series is running at Bemsee club meetings while BSB hosts the R6 Cup and the GSX-R Trophy is a new ACU initiative.

All three championships explicitly ban any form of engines tuning and the only real different in technical regulations between them is that the Triumph series allows wet race tyres. Quality bikes for sale: Click here.

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Product reviews: Click here. Scott said: “The technical spec of the bikes are all similar so no one machine is going to have an advantage.

There’s space at the end of the season to promote a one-off race. Ideally I’d like to see it at a BSB round but, if not, there’s several big non-championship races in the autumn who would love a special feature race.

" So I’m throwing the gauntlet down for the R6 Cup and GSX-R Trophy organisers.”

According to Scott he’s already got 23 confirmed entries for the inaugural Triumph Triple Challenge and a further 25-30 potential competitors.

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