British Speedway Grand Prix: Chris 'Bomber' Harris wins in Cardiff

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Britain’s Chris Harris became the first Brit for seven years to win a Speedway Grand Prix and the first to do so inside the Millennium Stadium.

He won a sensational Grand Final when he fought from last to first, storming around the outside of American Greg Hancock on the final lap.

His win was met by an explosion of excitement that had the patriotic 42,000 crowd on its feet in celebration.

Amid jubilant scenes an emotional Chris Harris said: “This was more than I dared dream about. It still hasn’t sunk in.”

The 25-year-old from Cornwall is in his first season of Grand Prix racing and has posted some sensational performances already this season.

Despite these encouraging displays, there weren’t many who predicted a victory for the popular Chris Harris. But his success on Saturday night showed maturity as well as confidence.

He signalled his intent when he won his opening race by defeating reigning world champion Jason Crump and this season’s series leader Nicki Pedersen. Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris went into the semi-finals as the night’s joint leader with 12-points.

Chris Harris safely negotiated the semi-final to make his second Grand Final appearance of his short GP career and then provided that grandstand finish.

His never-say-die style of riding combined with his huge talent has finally given British Speedway the hero it so desperately needs.
Result: FIM Meridian Lifts British Grand Prix: C.Harris (Great Britain) 20, G.Hancock (USA) 17, J.Crump (Australia) 15, L.Adams (Australia) 14, H.Andersen (Denmark) 13, N.Pedersen (Denmark) 12, S.Nicholls (Great Britain) 9, J.Hampel (Poland) 8. A.Lindback (Sweden) 7, B.Pedersen (Denmark) 7, R.Holta (Poland) 5. M.Zagar (Slovenia) 5, A.Jonsson (Sweden) 5, D.Howe (Great Britain) 4, T.Gollob (Poland) 3, W.Jagus (Poland) 0.

Overall standings: N.Pedersen 86, L.Adams 75, G.Hancock 67, H.Andersen 67, C.Harris 56, J.Crump 53, A.Jonnsson 38, T.Gollob 36, J.Hampel 34, S.Nicholls 30, W.Jagus 29, B.Pedersen 28, R.Holta 27, M.Zagar 25, A.Lindback 22.

Brian Burford

By Brian Burford