Mick Extance on Dakar '08 cancellation

Published: 04 January 2008

MCN has spoken to Britain’s most successful Dakar competitor, Mick Extance, moments ago to get his thought’s on the cancellation of the Dakar.

“It’s unbelievable We were in a team meeting this morning all shaking hands and wishing each other good luck when Henk (Hellegers team manager) stood up and burst into tears.

“I’m stuck for words really I’m walking along and can see all the bikes, cars and trucks lined up on parc ferme you have to pinch yourself. I’ve never seen so many grown men crying at one time.

“My whole year has been building to this moment and its gone, but the Dakar will continue they’ll probably go through Egypt in the future, if there’s a Dakar in 2009 Mick Extance will be on it.