Brands Hatch modifications

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Brands Hatch has made significant changes to the Clearways corner by increasing the run-off for riders and drivers using the Indy circuit configuration.

The alterations have been made as part of continuing safety improvements at the circuit. The wider, asphalt run-off will cut down the instances of cars hitting the barrier if they come off the track and substantially reduce the amount of interruptions during races if an incident occurs.

The ground level at Clearways has been raised by one metre to ensure the Armco is higher as competitors approach the bend.

The new Asphalt run-off has increased by five metres which will allow riders or drivers who lose it on the bend to regain control easier. A “snatch gap” has also been added at Post 23 for recovery vehicles to access Clearways and enable organisers to carry out recovery without the need for a safety car intervention or race stoppage.

MotorSport Vision Chief Executive, Jonathan Palmer said: “This really is a bit of history for Brands Hatch as it is the first time any work such as this has been carried out at Clearways.

The changes will make the track even safer for drivers and riders and allow for smoother-flowing race weekends with fewer red flags. This will improve the show for the crowd and with the re-profiling of the bank at Clearways we have made it an even better spot for spectators than before.”



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