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Chad Reed stormed to victory in a rain-soaked AT&T Park in San Francisco hosted round four of the AMA Supercross series on Saturday.

Even with practice curtailed and the track kept under wraps for as long as possible, the track was slick and cut up pretty rough as the night progressed.

Tim Ferry got an uncharacteristic holeshot in the Supercross class as the rain worsened, but Kevin Windham sailed by on lap one for the lead.

Davi Millsaps, Ivan Tedesco and Reed also swiftly made their way past Ferry - the race then settled into a battle of wills, with the prizes going to those making the fewest mistakes.

Head and shoulders above the rest at that game was Chad Reed - with the exception of a so-so start, Speedy Reedy didn’t put a foot wrong all night, and just let the race come to him as everyone else seemed intent on crashing out of his way.

Windham only made a couple of mistakes, but his inability to go for the big doubles and triples cost him time - not so Davi Millsaps, who was up for clearing everything in sight, but the slick conditions made it a dangerous proposition, and he got bit more than once.

Ivan Tedesco and Grant Langston both had great rides, coming back from deep in the pack, but both suffered a late race entanglement to finish behind Jake Marsack - Michigan privateer Marsack’s fourth place was a genuine heart-warming turn-up for the books.

In the Lites class, it was Tommy Hahn, Austin Stroupe and Jason Lawrence who got out first - title contender Lawrence put in a great ride, fast and rock solid as others fell aside, to take his first Supercross win. Championship leader Dungey, in contrast, had a crash-marred ride to seventh.

The closing stages were notable for a battle between Hahn and Brett Metcalfe over second - unfortunately for Metty, when the white flag flew in the rain-shortened race, Pro Circuit’s resident Aussie mistook it for the chequered flag, slowing down and handing Hahn the podium gift-wrapped and with a lovely ribbon on top.

AMA Supercross

Round 4, San Francisco
1 Chad Reed
2 Kevin Windham
3 David Millsaps
4 Jacob Marsack
5 Grant Langston
6 Ivan Tedesco

AMA Supercross Lites West Coast

Round 4, San Francisco
1 Jason Lawrence
2 Thomas Hahn
3 Brett Metcalfe



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