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In days gone by it was often thought that road racers preparation for a race involved spending the night in the pub knocking back a few vodkas, puffing 20 fags, and munching down a burger and chips before throwing their leg over the bike on the start line. 

Whilst there is no doubt that most of the riders still enjoy a good party, the partying is mostly post-race and the approach to racing is completely different nowadays.

To win a two and half hour Isle of Man TT you have to be fit and riders are getting involved in the same kind of training, nutrition and sports science programmes that athletes in every other sport follow. 

Whilst some have personal trainers and pay for their own expert support, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland is now providing funding for specialist training in an enlightened new initiative for bike racing.  

Martin Finnegan, seen here during lactate threshold and V02 Max tests at the Irish National Coaching and Training centre in the University of Limerick, is one of a group of racing motorcyclists, both on and off road riders, who will benefit from a new hi-tech training schedule paid for by the MCUI. 

The riders undergo rigorous tests involving the very latest sports science with the aim of developing tailor made fitness and nutrition courses for bike racers. 
Finnegan, Ireland's top road racer, is delighted to be involved.

'Road racing is a very physical sport and hauling a Superbike around on bumpy roads at 200mph demands a high level of fitness.

My whole winter is aimed at getting myself into shape for the new season and this new programme at Limerick helps me focus on what type of training I should be doing.'



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Stephen Davison

By Stephen Davison

Biographer of John McGuinness & road racing's foremost writer & photographer