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Isle of Man TT: Bruce Anstey bounces back from disqualification to take second Supersport win

Published: 04 June 2008

Bruce Anstey bounced back from the disappointment of disqualification from Monday’s Isle of Man TT Supersport race to win the second encounter today and secure himself the lap record once and for all.

The New Zealander said this was one of his best wins out of his seven Isle of Man TT victories as he had to get focussed after being disqualified as the winner on Monday because of a technical infringement. But focussed he was as he finished 34.04ses ahead of second placed rider Ian Hutchinson, who’s had his own problems with non-finishes this week.

Guy Martin was first away to start the race as always, but by the first time zone at Glen Helen it was Hutchinson who was leading Anstey by 0.05secs on the Relentless by TAS Suzuki. The Yamaha rider was 1.02secs ahead of the Kiwi by Ballaugh Bridge but had gained the lead on time by Ramsey Hairpin.

Anstey was still in the lead at the Bungalow, where Monday’s third place Supersport man Keith Amor was black flagged and Monday’s winner Steve Plater also pulled over signalling the end of their races.

Heading to the end of lap one at the Grandstand, 13-time Isle of Man TT winner John MGuinness retired to the pits with an oil leak on his Padgetts Honda CBR600, this meant all Monday’s Supersport podium men were now out of the running.

Back up front Hutchinson was back in the lead but by Glen Helen on the second lap of the 37.73 Mountain Course Anstey was leading again and there he stayed.

The following two and a half laps saw him continue to build his advantage with the end of lap two pit stops only seeing this help him further as he broke the lap record heading for the refuelling with a 125.359mph lap. The pit stop also resulted in Mats Nillson being handed a five second penalty for failing to stop at the stop box properly, this would cost him a place at the end of the race.

By Ramsey Hairpin on lap three Anstey lead Hutchinson by 20.79, which was 21.40secs on going in to the final lap. A lap three high-profile retiree was Saturday’s Superbike winner Cameron Donald who pulled up at the Mountain Box.

The final lap saw Isle of Man resident Gary Johnson showing his capabilities once again in only his second Isle of Man TT year. He moved up fourth by Ballaugh Bridge, although he was to be passed by Ian Lougher before the end of the four laps.

But the headlines will all be about Anstey as the 39-year-old had the race sown up and secured victory in 1.13:35.71

Ryan Farquhar was the fastest man past the Sulby Speedtrap recording 172.100mph on the final lap on his Kawasaki ZX6.

After the race winner Bruce Anstey said: “I just had a good start today I told myself to enjoy it and forget about Monday.

“The Suzuki and the Pirellis worked well. I think it could have been faster but we had a head wind up the mountain trail and there were a couple of accidents on the third lap so we had to slow down.

“I think this is one of the best races, coming back from Monday it was a team effort over the weeks, I’m just pleased for everybody.”

Lap watch

Lap one:

Ian Hutchinson, Bruce Anstey, Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin, Ian Lougher, Conor Cummins

Lap two:

Bruce Anstey, Ian Hutchinson, Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin, Gary Johnson, Ian Lougher

Lap three:

Bruce Anstey, Ian Hutchinson, Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin, Gary Johnson, Ian Lougher

Lap four:

Bruce Anstey, Ian Hutchinson, Ryan Farquhar, Ian Lougher, Gary Johnson, Guy Martin