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National Open Championship Steve Alford led the first D group race from start to finish followed by Gavin Hall, though Gregg Whitmee was the rider who made the most progression in this first race and finished in fifth place.

Gareth Middleton held the lead in the second race followed by David Wiseman, and yet again Gregg Whitmee put in a move in the fourth lap to take the second place; then in the penultimate lap he took the lead and took the win by five seconds from Gareth Middleton. Paul Reynolds put in great effort to steadily move up leaving himself with an excellent start, which would see him on the front row for the final race of the day with Kevin Harrison, Jonathan Sigsworth and Lee Machin. Kevin Harrison quite rightly led the final D group race after pushing hard for the front all day, followed by Paul Reynolds in second spot. But this position would change by the final flag, as Craig Brisby took the winning spot nine seconds clear from David Wiseman, while Kevin then took the trophy for third place.

Graeme Wiles put in the fastest lap in the first C group race and had a three second lead from Lee Le Feuve, then Brad Davey. The mid pack action compromised of Paul McNamara, Dave Hinch, Mick Billington and David Lynch who were all separated by only a second. In the next race James Compton had a good lead but Brad Davey was on a mission to win. He would move up a group with James leaving Jack Hannath on pole for the final along with Mike Wright.

Going in to the final race Jack Hannath had had a hard fall into the second lap and the race then had a full restart. Jack then led the race again but was being hunted down by Thomas Hallam. Dan Spencer led the next group of riders and Mike Wright moved into fourth on lap sixth with John Anderson in fifth. Both Mike and John then moved up a position as Dan Spencer slipped back down the grid. On the start of lap seven Thomas Hallam took the lead from Jack Hannath, only to concede it back again on the penultimate lap this left Jack with the winning trophy Thomas Hallam second and Mike Wright back on top with a trophy finish. Steve Alford had a seventh place finish after his D group start today.

Mid pack racing had been led by David Lynch but a lap later Mark Smith led the next four riders who were only split by two seconds. Mark took tenth with Rick Nuttall, Paul McNamara and Mick Billington down to fourteenth John the Bong started at the front of the grid in the B group after loosing his chain in timed practice and led convincingly, setting the fastest lap and winning the first race. It had looked as if Anthony Long would take the second position to move up to the A group but David Hallett had been moving up throughout the race and took the second place finish in the dying seconds of the race Dean Wingate had an excellent race in the second holding back the eager Anthony Long but both riders would make the A group final.

This was a hard fought race for the next seven riders who were only separated by three seconds. Simon Walker would lead the B group out for the final race, with Andrew Williamson also moving up well to start from the front, and Phil Gee came back from a fall in the first race to finish tenth position. Going in to final B group race Peter Bennett led a fantastic race which had been closely contested all day. He would take the honours for first position with Phil Gee taking the second place trophy; these two riders had a clear lead at the front. Andrew Williamson had an excellent finish having had a fantastic race in third place from Robert Drake in fourth and then Graeme Wiles claimed fifth place which was outstanding from a C group start on the day.

Christian Iddon marginally led James Addy and Lee Jones in timed practice and converted this to a win in the first A group race. He was chased by Andy Mitchell in the first lap but a very hard fall at Barn left Andy at the back of the pack. This left Christian leading Lee Jones and James Addy, while a fall from James at the bottom of the mountain left the top three finishers as Christian Iddon Lee Jones and Carl Shield. Chris Babbitt had chased Carl Shield hard in race one and finished half a second adrift in fourth place. Lee Cunliffe was in sixth and James Addy made it back to seventh in front of Richard Sharp.

Christian Iddon had another excellent race in the second followed closely by Carl Shield and Christopher Babbitt, Lee Jones and James Addy made up the next two places. The unfortunate Carl Shield suffered machine failure in the fourth lap, leaving second spot to Babbitino. He was then sandwiched for the rest of the race with Christian in front and Lee Jones behind, but in the final lap Lee passed for the second spot leaving him in third. James Addy led Andy Mitchell over the line in fourth, an excellent race for Andy from the back of the grid.

James Addy led the final A group race in the first lap but was overtaken first by Christian Iddon and then Lee Jones, Chris Babbitt moved up to into third in lap six before a fall at woodlands left him chasing again. Scott Woodacre couldn’t catch Lee Cunliffe for fourth position but kept Andy Mitchell at bay and these two were followed closely by Richard Sharp. By the eleventh lap backmarkers were closing down the gaps and over the line for the final time it would be Christian Iddon from Lee Jones and James Addy, with Lee Cunliffe trying to edge into third over the line.

Chris Babbitt had an excellent day and rode well to finish in seventh place in the final. Despite Carl Shield having a blown engine he would still take third place in the championship, while the top two places really couldn’t have been any closer at the end of the season and were decided by only one point.

James Addy was the clear 2008 450 Champion, though with one point to play with Andy Mitchell would take the Open Championship of 2008 leaving James Addy in second and Carl Shield in third Additional trophies were awarded for King of the Hill to Christian Iddon, Sportsman of the year to Ken Walton, Rider of the year to Mark Smith and Most Travelled Rider to Ian McCreadie with over 10,000 miles under his belt.

The final round of the year was well supported and with over two hundred entries this weekend everyone should enjoy a well deserved break before preparations start for the 2009 season.

Final Race Result Open A Group 1. Christian Iddon 2. Lee Jones 3. James Addy 4. Lee Cunliffe 5. Scott Woodacre Final Race Result Open B Group 1. Peter Bennett 2. Phil Gee 3. Andrew Williamson 4. Robert Drake 5. Graeme Wiles Final Race Result Open C Group 1. Jack Hannath 2. Thomas Hallam 3. Mike Wright 4. John Anderson 5. Luke Potter Final Race Result Open D Group 1. Craig Brisby 2. David Wiseman 3. Kevin Harrison 4. Matthew Johnson 5. Paul Reynolds


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