Neevsey's blog - Morello MRO Powerbike Championship

Published: 06 March 2009

Morello MRO Powerbike Championship – Round 1.

In less than 24 hours the 2009 racing season kicks of for me. I can’t believe it’s here already. It seems only yesterday I crossed the finish line at the last round of the R1 Cup at BSB, but it was way back in October. Time flies.

But this time tomorrow I’ll be competing in the Morello MRO Powerbike Championship at Brands Hatch with Bemsee. I’ve been racing with them since 1989 and they celebrate their 100th birthday this year. That’s even older than me!

Last year was a tough one and I ended up doing 22-race meetings, which burned me out by the end of season. This year, I’m just sticking to this championship and I’m better prepared and more fired up than ever.

I pulled the rip cord a bit at the end of last season and put on over a stone, but I’ve been training and dieting since December and am fitter now than ever. I’ve done lots of MCN testing over the winter, so I’m bike fit and my trusty 2007 Yamaha R1 is in fine fettle.

I’m now back on Dunlop Ntech slicks after a year away from them, which performed superbly when we tested at Brands a few weeks ago. The suspension is spot-on, and the freshly rebuilt engine (by Bob Farnham) is singing. I’ve got pal and National Superstock racer, Steve Mercer on-hand to give me some Brands track tips over the weekend, so I’ve got no excuses.

If you’re around over the weekend (it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but rainy on Sunday) comer and say hello. I’m in garage 27, Yamaha R1 number 5.