Norasport Round One 450 Championship

Published: 22 March 2009

In the first race of the 450A group race James Addy had the lead, and after a few place changes with Andy Mitchell, he settled into the front spot for the latter half of the race with no challenge on his position. Chris Walker had a very secure third place for the whole race, while Richard Sharp who had a fall in the opening lap; rode a great race to finish in fourth spot.

The next battle had been between fifth and seventh place, and Craig Richardson would take fifth position in front of Ben Kirkman and Dean Wingate. Chris Walker then led from the start of the second race and it took several laps for James Addy to pass, but once in first position James would stay there until the finish flag. Chris Walker held Andy Mitchell at bay until two laps from the finish when Andy slipped into second spot.

Chris rode cautiously for the remaining two laps with a rear puncture, and was passed by Richard Sharp and Dean Wingate but salvaged points for a fifth place finish. Craig Richardson finished sixth in front of Ben Kirkman, while Nick Gemzoe had the narrowest of margins in eighth place in front of Lee Metcalf. James Addy went out in the lead in the final race followed by Chris Walker and Andy Mitchell.

Craig Richardson started in fourth but was passed by Richard Sharp in the second lap. Early in the race Andy Mitchell fell and regained in fourth position, but not enough time was left for him to make up the ground. The top three positions were James Addy, Chris Walker and Richard Sharp.

Andy Mitchell took fourth place and Craig Richardson had an unchallenged race in fifth. The next group of riders battling had been extremely close, but no positions would change before the final flag with Nick Gemzoe in sixth Dean Wingate in seventh and Ben Kirkman in eighth place all riders having had a great days racing.