Win stripped from Le Touquet victor

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The world’s biggest off road race ended in controversy yesterday when the victor was stripped of his win because of a loud exhaust.

Kawasaki rider Yves Duedon thought he’d won the prestigious Le Touquet beach race in northern France, but the victory was later handed to ex motocross world champion Mickael Pichon.

Race organisers said Duedon’s exhaust exceeded the 115dB limit, and handed him a 15 minute penalty which relagated him to sixth.

In a bizarre twist of fate, decibel levels decided another podium place. France’s Jean-Claude Mousse was leading with only two laps left, but was delayed when he changed his exhaust during a pitstop because his pit crew thought it was getting too loud.

This opened the door for fellow countryman Duedon, who lead for the final two laps before being penalised. Mousse finished third with Adrian Van Beveren second.

James Sharpe

By James Sharpe