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It seems there was only one team worth having for round 2 of the MCN Fantasy Road Race as clearly demonstrated by the top four team which all drew.

The culmination of Mika Kallio, Randy de Puniet, Max Biaggi, Leon Haslem, Tommy Hill and Michael Laverty produced a stunning 298 points for the top four teams which were:

The Gaffers, The Window Lickers, Motorcycle Emptiness and Beths FRR Team, The winner being Pete Naylor with The Gaffers proving that its worth signing up to the MCN Fantasy Road Race early doors as Pete is soon to be the proud owner of a set Bridgestone tyres worth £230.

So on to round three and if you have been paying attention you will by now have taken out, Neil Hodgson who took early retirement from his come back a decade after winning WSB Championship due to a shoulder injury, Simon Andrews who crashed spectacularly into the pit wall in Valencia WSB Championship and sustained a broken heel and metatarsal, and James Ellison, who broke his leg in a high speed crash in the third period of free practise at round 2 of the MCE BSB Championships at Thruxton.

Who should you be watching? Well it’s the usual suspects in MotoGP, Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi, but keep a keen eye on Nicky Hayden who has had some surprising runs so far and is proving to be a good purchase at 2.2 million.

In BSB Michael Laverty is the man of the moment costing a mere 1.1 million and so far bagging 65 points and even a better investment  to date has been Alistair Seeley costing a mere 0.7 million, but bagging 67 points!

In WSB Carlos Checa’s you’re man, costing 1.5 million and gaining the 3rd highest amount of points at 119, but if your looking for a bargain Troy Corser costing 1.3 million has gained 96 points and is definitely one to watch.

In Round 3 remember to bulk up on your WSB team as there are two races per meeting.

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Rhonda Morgan

By Rhonda Morgan