Woffinden to sit out British Elite League in 2015

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British Speedway World Champion Tai Woffinden will sit out the UK’s Elite League competition next year, as he focuses his efforts on regaining the world title he lost to Greg Hancock in 2014. The 24 year old pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion last season, competing in domestic leagues in Sweden, Poland and the UK, as well as trying to retain his world title.

Instead, he will now concentrate on the two European championships, saying in a statement that the uncertainty of the British league has played a key part in his decision, but stressing he’s only taking a year out and not walking away.

“I’m extremely proud to represent Great Britain in the Grand Prix series and the Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup. When I was appointed captain of my country it meant so much to me. But I have spoken to a lot of different people around me and particularly those who are close to me and I simply cannot afford a repeat of 2014 when everything became too much for me. I was mentally and physically exhausted in July and had to take some time off, I don’t want to be doing that again.”

“I’m extremely proud of what I have achieved with my clubs in British racing and I hope to achieve more in years to come – but for now something has to give and I need some time out from the busy schedule.”

“I will focus on Poland where they ride on Sundays and Sweden on Tuesdays. If Britain was one set night then I would have been able to fit that in, but nothing has changed with the league apart from one less team than those which ended last season. This is not the end of my British League career; I simply prefer to describe it as a break to see how it works out.”

Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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