Stalker's a God

I was at Brands Hatch for the full three days of the last round of B.S.B, and on that damp, foggy, October Friday morning amoungst the media photographers were the die hard fans.

The largest fan base was the Stalker’s Army, from Kilt wearing Scotsmen with Suzuki blue hair, to little old Ladies with their ‘don’t look back’ Union Jacks we were all there waiting to see the Stalker, and he did not disappoint us.

He must have acknowledged all of us trackside, and even slowing right down on the odd lap so us none pro photograpers could get a decent photo of our hero in action.

The man is a God alongside Barry Sheene and J.T.

So for the Guy who rode 55 miles in the rain don’t go putting the Stalker down even Gods have off days. Anyway riding in the rain isn’t that part of the fun of being a biker in this wonderful country of ours.

Tim Martin

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By Tim Martin