Brands Hatch misery

Did anyone else suffer the woeful organisation getting on and leaving the BSB car parks at Brands on Sunday? Having been to Snetterton, Silverstone, Donington and now Brands I can honestly say it was the biggest shambles I've seen. Marshals standing around bemused, police seemingly powerless to do anything. Taking an hour to move 2 car lengths syphoning into 2 lanes from a large field and 2 hours to get on to the M25 going home.

When will the organiser realise that their responsibility extends to getting spectators away quickly as well as packing us in to pay our admission at the start. Why weren't the lights on the M25 changed to clear the motorway on the way in? I saw a couple of near misses and had to wait 30 mins to get off the motorway? Not planning to go back despite enjoying the racing and super weather. The track may have improved but the parking and access need sorting. How hard can it be?

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