Leon Camier heads to Oz to train with Casey Stoner

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Following the successful training period last year in Australia with good friend Casey Stoner, Leon Camier flies down under again today for three months with the 2007 MotoGP Champion.

Camier spent a month with Stoner last December as part of his rehabilitation after breaking his leg at Cadwell Park during the season.

But his progress training with Stoner was so positive he’s decided to do the same again this year.

Camier told MCN: “The weather is so bad here in the winter so there’s not a great deal of opportunity to do the right training like getting out cycling all the time.

“I know the training I do with my trainer over here is the same as what Casey does in Australia so I know it works.

“My trainer is still Julian Clark – he’s an ex GP motocrosser and professional cyclist.

“He’s mega and training a lot of the top motocross riders.

“He’s also just become Bradley Smith’s new trainer so I’m sure I will get out on some training exercises with Bradley.”

Camier will spend Christmas and the New Year with Stoner.

The pair became friendly when they raced in the UK in the British 125GP Championship and have been close mates ever since.

“We don’t speak a massive amount during the season,” added the three-time BSB race winner.

“We make sure everything is all cool and see how we’re doing now and again.

“He’s so busy with what he’s doing and I’m the same but I’ve been trying to get him over to do some training with me over here but his schedule is absolutely manic.

“When I’m out there we’ll be doing loads of cycling and a lot more strength work.

“Last year I had my busted leg and Casey had his shoulder injury so between us we were like a pair of spanners out there.

“But we got fit really fast.

“He’s injured again this year but he’s got such a high level of fitness he’ll be over it straight away.

“He says his wrist injury is coming along pretty good; as good as can be expected, so hopefully there’ll be no complications with that and we should both be on the case.”

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull