Superstock price-capped

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MSVR, the BSB series organisers, have announced that there will be a price cap placed on machines eligible for the Superstock 1000cc class in 2009.

The MCRCB, the rulemaking body for the MSVR-run series, have made the following changes to the criteria for accepting motorcycles into the Superstock 1000cc class:
“The motorcycles must be homologated by the original manufacturer only. The model will be eligible for Superstock competition for a maximum period of 5 years.
Superstock motorcycles require FIM Homologation. (The previous local condition concerning UK registrations has been removed.)
The MCRCB may homologate machines, which comply or will comply with the principles stated by the FIM.
For Superstock 1000 there is a price cap of £15,000, this is the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price including all sales taxes (not including road fund licence) and VAT.   In case of dispute the decision of the MCRCB Directors will be final.
All machines must comply with all requirements.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin