Fed up with MSV

Is it just me who is fed up with MSVR appearing to not give a damn about us after they have taken our money?

I refer, of course, to yesterday's debacle at Brands commonly referred to as "leaving the car park".

Traffic control? Nope. Help for us punters? Nope. I couldn't take the bike and so chose to go by car. Over an hour to get out of the car park?

And, MSVR, please don't blame the local roads. I took a diversionary route but it took me over an hour to get to it. I have written to MSVR and await a reply. Most of all, I await them to actually do something

 Jonathan Palmer, you have improved the circuits and you are to be applauded for it. How about helping us leave when it's over?

It would be interesting to have some comment and debate on this from others who were there.

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