Silverstone British Superbikes: Steve Brogan focuses on Superstock title

Published: 26 September 2008

Steve Brogan will concentrate fully on taking the British Superstock crown this weekend by withdrawing from competing in this weekend’s Supersport race.

Brogan broke two bones in his right foot a fortnight ago at Croft and as a result has been told to single-mindedly focus on taking the Superstock title for Honda UK.

The Liverpudlian’s withdrawal from the 600 race this weekend has opened a window of opportunity for 18-year old Billy Mellor for Barnsley.

The former pocket bike, 125cc and current 600cc MRO runner has been handed the chance to impress.

“For me, this whole weekend is both exciting and daunting,” said Mellor.

“To be here at national level is big step up for us, and I’m so excited and more than a little bit nervous!

“I just can’t wait to get on with it tomorrow.

“I’ve ridden on the National circuit here, so not the one used by the British Superbike championship, but I just want to go out and enjoy the experience and not come last!”