2010 BSB rules debate: Philip Neil

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The big debate on the future of the BSB technical regulations is on. BSB Race Director Stuart Higgs has stated his opinion. Now MCN opens the debate to the team bosses.

BSB ran FIM regs in 2007, went to a more restrictive supersport-tune engine format last year and is now back to FIM spec again. The talk is now about how to cut costs. Here’s what Relentless by TAS team manager Phillip Neil says:

“A cost cutting exercise will benefit everyone.  I think some form of kit ECU would be a start. With the limitation on track time, we can’t possibly coverall the data options with the level of engine management equipment we have. 

“I think the other area to cut costs is in logistics. We should be looking at the amount of days we have to be at the race track.

“Do we need to be here Fridays? If we had simpler electronics there’s an argument we wouldn’t need so much track time.

“Do we need 12 rounds? I’m not suggesting this should be a long-term fix but certainly in the short term while we are all experiencing these difficult (financial) times, then it would make sense to have tow-day race meetings.” 

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin