Colin Wright on GSE Racing future

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So what future for GSE Racing now that Airwaves have announced they are parting company with the team at the end of the season.

MCN spoke to Airwaves Yamaha team boss Colin Wright for his reaction to the news:

What was your initial reaction about the news that Airwaves will not be backing GSE racing beyond the end of this season?

I think it’s better to reflect on the good times rather than dwell on the disappointment of losing a title sponsor.

We had a wonderful relationship with Wrigley’s (the company that owns the Airwaves brand). It all started in 2005 when Airwaves came in and we won the title with Gregorio Lavilla.

The results we’ve had in the past five years have been incredible and the return on investment for Airwaves has been outstanding.

So did this come out of the blue or did you have an idea Airwaves might quit at the end of the year?

Darrell Healey (team owner) and Wrigley’s met a week ago to discuss the future. Airwaves did have the option for 2010 but had to make a decision whether to take that up or not.

They’ve chosen not to. It’s not ideal news you want to hear but at least they’ve let us know in good time and we’re grateful for that.

Do you have potential title sponsors in the wings or are you starting from ground zero to try and come up with a replacement?

We’ve not been actively seeking now sponsors but have always kept in touch with people who have expressed an interest in the team.

We never followed it up before because we didn’t need to – and didn’t want to (because of a loyalty to Airwaves). It’s a bit of a challenge but that’s how it is. I’m optimistic.

What about the rumours surrounding the team that were  doing the rounds before the news that Airwaves were out of the frame. Are they linked – and therefore bear some semblance of truth?

There’s absolutely no truth in any of them. If you’re talking about me joining the Stiggy team as manager, I’ve no idea where that came from. I don’t even know the bloke apart from seeing him on TV.

I’ve certainly not spoken to him. People generate rumours to give them something to talk about. The only link between me and that team is that I used to employ Leon Haslam and we still talk.

The suggesting GSE Racing will run either Aprilia or BMW machinery next year is not true. We still have a year left of a contract with Yamaha UK to run in BSB.

Colin Wright

By Colin Wright