Gowland wants to stay in Britain next year

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Graeme Gowland is hoping to remain racing in Britain for a second season – despite an impressive two races on the British-built FTR Moto2 in the final two Spanish championships rounds of the year.

Gowland (23) finished a confidence-boosting fourth and second in his two Moto2 rides with the Joe Darcey-backed FTR on the back of a frustrating rookie BSB season, finishing 15th overall in the series with the Motorpoint Yamaha.

“One of the leading Spanish teams, BQR, had been racing there (in Spain)all year with their Moto2 bike but we were only a few tenths off a second off their pace with a brand new machine,” he said.

“We made such good progress with the FTR and there’s still some way to go with it – but there’s so much potential in the chassis and I absolutely loved riding it.

“I think the results proved that it wasn’t all me with the (Motorpoint Yamaha) bike in BSB. Let’s just leave it at that.

“I’m not sure what I’m doing next year though.

“I’ve  been dashing around all over the place so much in my career (he won the Spanish Supersport title in 2007 with the Joey Darcey team) so what I’d really like is a second season in Britain to really establish myself.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin