BSB boss Palmer talks title sponsorship

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MSVR boss Jonathan Palmer was shocked to see today’s press release from Bennetts, announcing they were no longer the BSB title.

He said: I’m surprised they put that release out. Bennetts’ option to continue as the title sponsor of the British Superbike championship finished at the end of November when we failed to reach an agreement. We naturally assumed that they no longer were involved in the series.

“Since then we have continued to explore other options and are well down the line with two leading companies to back the series.”

Palmer, though, did acknowledge the insurance company’s involvement in the championship over the past four years. He said: “It’s been a great four years but I think both Bennetts and ourselves realised it was time for a change.

“We appreciate their investment but understand that, with the way the market is, Bennetts were no longer able to commit to the series for a fifth year. We wish them well.

“But it will be good to have a fresh face in BSB and I anticipate we’ll have some big news to reveal in two to three weeks time.”

Far from being down about the current economic situation or that BSB has lost several top names this winter to WSB, Palmer is very upbeat about the series.

He said: “When I first came to BSB I knew nothing about Tom Sykes but in two years he became one of the top names in the series. It’s up to us to promote the new heroes of the championship.

“BSB 2009 is looking very good. I know the championship costs a fraction of WSB and our lower costs, plus the increase of TV air time we have planned for this year, will make a compelling case, not just for BSB as a national championship but as a major player on the world stage.”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin