BSS: Wilson wins frantic Supersport battle

Published: 05 July 2009

Gearlink Kawasaki’s Ben Wilson won a hard fought Fuchs-Silkolene British Supersport race at Knockhill in Scotland.

He battled all race long with James Westmoreland on the Triumph swapping paint and positions from start to finish. Daniel Cooper on the Centurion Honda also got in on the action towards the end of the race and took third place.

Championship leader, Steve Plater was challenging Westmoreland at the hairpin for the race lead  when he crashed. The veteran racer kept his HM Plant Honda running and remounted to finish in 11th place salvaging some points for his title chase.

Billy McConnell finished  in fourth place on his MAP Raceways Yamaha and although he wasn’t pleased with the result he was happy to pull some points back on Plater.

The race ended prematurely on lap 24 of 25 when Tommy Hill crashed at Seat spraying gravel across the track and debris across the track.

Race results

1. Ben Wilson  20:24.699
2. James Westmoreland +0.328
3. Daniel Cooper  +0.948
4. Billy McConnell  +1.172
5. Lee Johnston  +1.345
6. Ian Hutchinson  +1.914
7. Tom Grant   + 2.313
8. Chris Martin  +4.887
9. Allan Jon Venter  +1 lap
10. Sam Lowes  +1 lap

Championship standings

1. Steve Plater  100
2. Bill McConnell  85
3. Daniel Cooper  73
4. James Westmoreland 72
5. Ben Wilson  72
6. Dan Linfoot  52
7. James Webb  43
8. Hudson Kennaugh 39
9. Tom Grant   39
10. Lee Johnston  36