Michael Rutter blog: Two fifths but I should have done better

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The Worx Suzuki I rode at Thruxton was brilliant. Two fifth places was okay but I just wish I could have done better.

Everyone in the team was happy with the results but I should have exploited the traction control system more early in the races and pushed a little harder when the tyres were good.

Once the initial grip went and the traction was working, the bike was fantastic. So much feel. But early on I just wasn’t quite sure how hard to push. The one thing I didn’t want to do was sling it up the road.

Thruxton was a one-race deal with the Worx Suzuki team and I’ve no idea if I’ve done enough to secure the ride long-term.

I’d love to ride it more but I didn’t have a chance to discuss anything with Jack (Valentine – team boss) although I understand they are making a decision this Friday.

I had a quick debrief with the team and then had to make a dash in my motorhome to Heysham for the ferry to the Island.

My TT bike was to have been delivered to Thruxton on raceday but there were some last minute jobs to do so Jason Jones, my mechanic went down to Verwood to pick it up.

We’re hoping he’ll catch a ferry from Liverpool in time for me to do Monday night practice. If not, I’m not going to stress about it. There’s always Tuesday.

The TT plan is going well. Jason’s been picking up all the last minutes bits, we’ve even been to Halfords to buy bits and pieces. I’ve had to borrow a tool box and now I’m trying to borrow an awning.

I’ve got the Bathams Brewery van to get all the bike stuff over to the Island. My dad (Tony) will be around – I’m putting him in charge of testing, testing the beer that is!

I’m still enjoy it all. I’ve been around the racing paddocks since I was born and how we’ve been this week is how it has always been, like when I was helping my dad. It’s how it should be.

Stuart Easton has agreed to help me with the spanners. I’ve got someone to change my visors and have still to sort out someone with the fuelling, but I’ll worry about that when I get over there.

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Michael Rutter

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