Finnegan book launched in Lusk

Published: 08 October 2009

In his new book, Flying Finn, Stephen Davison charts the spectacular career of the late Martin Finnegan, one of Ireland’s most colourful and successful road racers.

Called simply ‘Flying Finn’, the book was launched last week in Finnegan’s hometown of Lusk and it attracted over 1500 people.

Finnegan scored podium finishes at all of the world’s top road race meetings and won the Irish Senior championship.

The 28-year-old Lusk, Co Dublin rider burst on to the scene with a spectacular riding style that attracted a huge following of loyal fans.

Finnegan became Irish champion in 2004 before stepping onto the podium at all of the world’s major road races.

Tragically this great promise was cut short when the most successful southern Irish racer in a generation lost his life in a racing crash at the Tandragee 100 in May 2008. 

Flying Finn, the new book by Martin’s close friend and foremost road racing photographer, Stephen Davison, captures Martin’s rise to fame and his tragic demise.

Enjoying privileged and unprecedented access, Davison recorded the highs and lows of Finnegan’s career.

In over 150 images, accompanied by perceptive and often moving text, road racing’s principal chronicler documents Martin’s rise to prominence and the pain of his family following his death.

Davison said: “Drawn in by his easy-going nature and brilliance on a bike, Martin and I became good friends. He wanted to win races and catch headlines and I wanted to capture the best racing images that I could.

"We travelled the world together living the road racing life to the full, racing and photographing it in the same way.”