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Sylvain Guintoli was due in surgery today to have one screw removed from the plates and pins that were used to repair the tibia and fibula smashed in his Donington Park crash early in the season.

Guintoli told MCN: They are taking out one of the screws just below my knee that seems to be inflaming the joint. My leg has been getting worse (more painful) and the knee has been swelling.

“The operation will be good because it means I can put more pressure on my leg and that should help the healing process. It’s still not completely joined (healed) but it will be by next year. Over winter I’ll have the rest of the screws out and everything will be good.

"I’m pretty happy with my riding since coming back. I’ve been getting on alright. I needed time to get into a rhythm. My leg was still trouble but it was expected that. After all, when the accident happened the doctors said I’d be out all year. 

"I was still rebuilding my confidence on the bike and Jack (Valentine – Worx Suzuki team boss) always said it’s not about now it’s about next year.

"I’m back to full fitness myself but not fully fit on the bike because of my leg. But I’m getting back to the way I felt at the start of the year. When I felt good on the bike then I was fucking quick. Early this year I was in the zone.

"Each time I got onto the bike I was fast. And now, since coming back, it’s been all about finding my pace. It will come back. I’ll find my game.”

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin