Quay Honda look to the future

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Quay Garage, the team running Tommy Bridewell in BSB this year are already
thinking about the 2011 season.

The team recently picked up backing from Tyco as a one-off sponsorship deal for the Silverstone WSB round but also ran the branding at Brands Hatch and hoping to build on the relationship for next year. Team owner Ian Woollacott gave MCN his thoughts on the future…..

“We’re at the stage now where we’ve achieved what we set out to do as a privateer team and we need to move forward.
But to do that we need to secure a sponsor and we hope that we can build on the relationship we have with Tyco.

"Our current machine is going to be out of homologation come the end of the year so we’ve got to start developing a new bike for 2011 but until the rules are formulated, it’s difficult to know which way to go.

"In the past I’ve concentrated on the bike, believing that it’s important to have good performance. We’ve done that and now we need to address things like our presentation. So in addition to needing a new bike, we need to think about an articulated truck, hospitality, new pit box equipment, proper team clothing and to challenge for the title we need to staff up with a regular suspension guy and an electronics technician.

"We were lucky with this bike, which we bought off Paul Bird. They supplied all the settings and data. When we get a new bike we’ll have to start from scratch.
It’s very important for me, and the team, that we don’t take a backward step this winter. We really need to move forward but also that we still enjoy our racing.”

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin