Brogan’s roller-coaster ride to BMW Evo deal

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Steve Brogan is riding BMW S1000RR for Jentin Racing-BMW Motorrad in the new BSB Evo class.

The deal was announced officially today, (Wednesday, Feb 24) but as early as October last year, Brogan (29) had decided he wanted to race one of the new S1000RR machines.

But it took a while to finally get his deal in place, as he reveals to MCN…

Impressed by BMW stats:
“Originally I went to a BMW dealer back in October and looked the bike over. I’d checked the stats, the weight, the horsepower and bloody hell, it seemed like some weapon.”

No place at Honda:
“I’d already kinda got the feeling there was no place for me at Honda. Steve Plater was going to Superstock.

“They owed him a ride (after he had won the 2009 Supersport title). Glen (Richards) and John (McGuinness) were are Padgetts.

“I thought maybe Neil (Tuxworth – Honda Racing boss) would ask me to do the same with Padgetts as 2009 – race in Superstock – but when he went to see Richards, Glen asked to do Supersport as well as Superstock so Tux was getting one rider for two classes and took that option. Saved him paying me I suppose!”

Running his own team:
“I could see it all happening at Honda and there’s no hard feelings, so I’d already started thinking about running my own team again, like I did in 2007 with help from (footballer) Alan Smith.

“I had the budget sorted with my own sponsors GBM Demolition and some friends who have all helped me over the years. I had the bills covered.”

The Co-ordit option:
“I’d done my own delas but then Co-ordit called to offer me a ride. They wanted to run me with Richard Cooper on BMWs – with BMW support.

“I was to do Evo and Superstock. For three months I was led to believe it was all done and dusted, then two weeks ago (just before the MCN Show at Excel, where the team had planned to launch) I got a call from Co-ordit to say it was not happening.

“I don’t think they ever had the budget to do it in the first place and were using the BMW link to try and find some backers!”

The Jentin option:
“Before the Co-ordit thing went bust, I had a feeling things weren’t right. I’d talked to Bernie Toleman at Jentin when he heard I was keen to do the Evo class.

“Bernie had done the same as me – looked at the stats and thought the BMW would be a bit special.”

Putting Jentin and BMW together:
“When the Co-ordit thing went, I called Bernie and said, ‘let’s talk to BMW.’ and within a few days we met up at the MCN Show and talked things through.

“I’m going to be racing in the Evo class and Richard is on the stocker.”

Missing Superstock:
“I’ll admit I’m disappointed at not being in Superstock. The class is so strong with Richard (Cooper), Steve Plater, Glen Richards, John (McGuinness) and  Karl Harris. 

“I’d just love to been out the beating the Hondas with a BMW! But I’ve nothing against Honda personally. There just wasn’t a place for me.”

Delighted with Evo:
“It’s good I can concentrate on Evo and give that my best shot. There’s no pressure on me really but I’d like not just to win the Evo class, but get in there and mix it with some of the BSB lads.

“At some circuits there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that. I think our Evo BMW will be up there with the BSB bikes on he more flowing tracks like Thruxton and Snetterton – and on the more technical ones like Knockhill and Mallory.”

The difference between  Evo and BSB bikes:
“When I rode Glen’s (Richards) HM Plant superbike last year at Brands I noticed where my stocker had advantages – places like Surtees where it’s not so prone to wheelie.

“On the superbike I couldn’t keep the front down. That’s where our BMW will be strong – corner exit.”

The future:
“How I’d like to see thing go is to have a good season with Jentin and mix it with a few of the top lads.

“That’ll set us up for 2011 when all the bikes in BSB are to Evo spec.  Then we’ll be a title contender!”

Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin