Stuart Easton crash update

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Stuart Easton was due to be picked up from Lincoln Hospital this morning, after surgery last night, to repair the deep gash in the back of his left leg, sustained during a crash at Cadwell Park. 

According to to Eastons Swan Honda crew chief Pete Jennings, he was at hospital yesterday the surgeons reported, no internal damage to Eastons tendons or ligaments. 

Jennings told MCN: “he’s been cleaned up and stitched up and now it’s a case of waiting for the wound to heal.  He’s in good sprits and intends to be on the grid at Brands – although the stitches might have to do some work still.  It’s a nasty old gash.  In fact, when one of the medics took the dressing off, the first thing he said was, “oh my god” – and then went off to find a doctor! 

I don’t think there’ll be any problems, he might be a bit sore, but Brands Indy doesn’t require a lot of gear changes per lap.  Left hander’s might be a bit sore for him, but once he’s on the bike I’m sure he’ll be fine”.

Easton crashed his Swan Honda at Cadwell yesterday at Charlie’s.  He was hit by the bike and suffered a serious laceration to his left leg.   He was air lifted to Lincoln hospital purely because it was easier than trying to get an ambulance to the circuit, but once at hospital Easton had to wait three hours before he was even checked over.

Jennings said we couldn’t believe it when we got to A & E.   They were flat out and there were so many casualties, ambulances paramedics were sitting with stretcher cases until someone from the hospital could attend to them.”

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin