Up and down Brands for Laverty

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Michael Laverty settled for a fourth place in yesterday's second British Superbike race after a spectacular highside ended his first race.

Laverty's massive highside came while leading the race and narrowly avoided being run over by teammate Tommy Hill. Hill's bike did make contact with Laverty, but Laverty suffered no serious injuries in the fall.

Laverty said he had a bit of a sore hip and neck as a result of the crash, but nothing that affected his riding. He did say that he struggled to get into the two left handed turns on the circuit, saying that it was either a faulty front tyre, or a bent component from the crash.

Laverty said: "After about five or six laps I really struggled in the two lefts and couldn’t make the bike turn 'round them. Anytime I tried to throw it in there it just chattered. I nearly crashed a few times and then I had to settle for fourth and slow my pace back a little bit. It’s a bit of a frustrating but we’ve got the pace to win races right from the start of the season."

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Austin Lindberg

By Austin Lindberg