More testing options in Spain

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In addition to the official BSB tests at Cartagena and Alcarras, organised by MSV and run by Pacedayz, former Honda and Norton race team boss Barry Symmons is also running his four-day Pro-Test at Cartagena.

The official BSB tests run from March 1-3 at Cartagena and March 5-7 at Alcarras for superbikes only ā€“ and March 1-4 at Alcaras for BSB support classes only. 

The Pro-Test is on March 8-11 at Cartagena and Symmons said: ā€œIā€™m hearing people are struggling to find track testing time but we have four days at Cartagena and are still open to bookings.ā€

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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin