WFR Honda: Cartagena complete, on to Alcarras

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WFR Honda completed three days on track at Cartagena as Alex Lowes, Graeme Gowland and James Westmoreland attempted to make up for time lost during the second day with the trio feeling positive at the end of the team’s first Spanish test despite a crash from Lowes.

The team then moved to Alcarras to join them on track after their initial three days at Cartagena last week.

The trio, like their Kawasaki rivals, spent their first sessions on track learning the new circuit before working through changes to the air bleed system and clutch settings.

On their final day at Cartagena the squad made encouraging steps forward as they continued to work through their testing programme and the team now pack up and head to Alcarras in the north of Spain for their second test next week.

Lowes’ afternoon session was hampered by a crash, but uninjured he was able to return to the track to complete the day, whilst Westmoreland and Gowland focused their attentions on suspension changes.

Lowes said: “I had a crash this afternoon which lost me some time on track but we got through a lot of changes in the morning session. We have made some big improvements to the WFR Honda at this test so I am feeling happy.

“The crash was a small lowside at turn six, but I was able to get back out on track again to check everything was ready for our next test at Alcarras next week. We have been heading in the right direction so it has been a good start.”

Westmoreland said: “It was a good final day here at Cartagena for us and we have made progress with the setting. We have worked on the rear suspension and front forks and made a big improvement on what we had before we arrived in Spain.

“I am happy with what we have done and we have achieved what we have set out to at the start of the three days. We are all looking forward to getting out again at Alcarras now next week.”

Gowland said: “It has been a really productive three days for us and we have had a good final day at Cartagena. We have achieved a lot already and today we worked through various suspension changes with different shocks and forks.

“I am a lot more comfortable now, I feel fully up to speed and now we can pack up and move to Alcarras feeling happy.

“We haven’t seen that track before so we can get out there and relate to the tracks in the UK and see how the settings that have worked well here translate to a different circuit.”

Laura Stevens

By Laura Stevens