Barros on provisional pole in Valencia

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Alex Barros has taken provisional pole in Valencia ahead of the final MotoGP round of 2002 on Sunday.

The Brazilian posted a time of 1’33.584 on his West Honda RCV, edging out Yamaha’s Max Biaggi by just five hundredths of a second around the 2.5-mile circuit.

Moments after setting his time Barros fell, while pushing for another flyer. But with just four minutes left in the session, no-one could unseat him at the top of the timing sheets.

Daijiro Kato was third, with Valentino Rossi taking the last provisional front row slot.


1)A Barros (1’33.584) 2)M Biaggi (1’33.638) 3)D Kato (1’33.638) 4)V Rossi 1’34.159 5)S Nakano 6)C Checa 7)J McWilliams (1’34.458) 8)G McCoy 9)L Capirossi 10)R Laconi 11)K Roberts 12)T Ukawa 13)O Jacque 14)S Gibernau 15)J van de Goorbergh 16)J Hopkins 17)N Aoki 18)T Harada 19)N Abe 20)JL Cardoso 21)D Garcia 22)A Pitt


1)M Melandri 2)R De Puniet 3)E Alzamora 4)A Debon 5)F Nieto 6) S Porto 7)T Elias 8)F Battaini 9)C Stoner 10)R Rolfo 11)R Locatelli 12)D Checa 13)N Matsudo 14)H Aoki 15)S Yuzy 16)J Vincent 17)J Hules 18)L Haslam 19)H Gaubel 20)E Nigon 21)D Heidolf 22)E Bataille 23)J Smrz 24)A Rodriguez 25)H Marchand 26)R Jara


1)D Pedrosa 2)H Barbera 3)A Vincent 4)Y Ui 5)M Kallio 6)M Giansanti 7)P Nieto 8)M Poggiali 9)A Ballerini 10)S Jenkner 11)A de Angelis 12)G Borsoi 13)L Cecchinello 14)G Talmasci 15)A Dovizioso 16)S Bianco 17)M Sabbatani 18)M Fabrizio 19)S Sanna 20)J Lorenzo 21)S Perugini 22)J Olive 23)A Bautista 24)M Simoncelli 25)A Baldolini 26)N Ueda 27)J Simon 28)M Azuma 29)M Angeloni 30)K Nohles 31)R Catalan 32)D Giuseppetti 33)I Toth 34)T Luthi 35)C Davies 36)C Pistoni

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