Stoner takes debut 125cc win

Casey Stoner has taken his first-ever 125cc win at Valencia. The 18-year-old Australian overcame the best efforts of Hector Barbera to hold the lead to the flag.

Barbera eventually finished third after an attempt to snatch the lead at the last corner saw him run wide and let Steve Jenkner past.

1) Stoner. 2) Jenkner. 3) Barbera. 4) Simoncelli. 5) Giansanti. 6) Bautista. 7) Nieto. 8) Dovizioso. 9) Cecchinello. 10 Borsoi. 11) Lorenzo. 12) Talmacsi. 13) Perugini. 14) Harms. 15) Azuma. 16) Sabbatani. 17) Locatelli. 18) Lai. 19) Simon. 20) Gadea. 21) Bianco. 22) Toth. 23) Ortega. 24) Alzamora.

DNF: Giuseppetti. Danese. Vincent. Pellino. Di Meglio. Corsi. Ballerini. De Angelis. Kallio. Ui. Luthi. Hernandez. Bonache.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff