Xaus joins Hodgson in Ducati GP team

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Ruben Xaus will continue as Neil Hodgson's team-mate next year after signing for the d'Antin Ducati MotoGP squad for 2004.

The deal has been on the cards for Xaus since Hodgson signed with the team at the beginning of November.

He said: "I’m excited with the new challenge and would like to personally thank Luis d'Antin for counting on me. I’m going to give it all, 200 per cent. I’m happy to continue with Neil, I have a good relationship with him and off the track we respect each other. I’ve been with Ducati for the past four years and I’m pleased to keep on, but until now I haven’t had the opportunity of trying the GP bike and I’m looking forward to it."

When quizzed about the move at the recent MCN Awards, Hodgson said he was looking forward to working with Xaus again but admitted that riding with him can get a little dicey at times.

He said: "There have been five or six occasions this year when his elbow was resting on my knee in the middle of a 130mph corner. I just remember thinking, I know he doesn't mind crashing but I really don't want to."

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