British GP to stay at Donington

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The future of MotoGP in the UK has been sealed with the announcement that Donington Park will host the British Grand Prix for the next six years. The deal hinged on the redevelopment of the Leicestershire circuit, which will now see some £4.5 million worth of improvements to help it keep up with FIM standards, improving the track, increasing run-off areas and completely updating the pit complex. The first phase of the developments have just been completed with the entire 2.5-mile circuit being resurfaced in such a way that there are now only four construction joins in the entire surface. The run-off areas from Craner Curves to Starkeys Bridge have also been doubled and the kerbing has been changed to be more forgiving to bikes The second phase of the development is still in the planning stage but is expected to see a brand new pit complex and improvements to the paddock and pit garage facilities.

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff