Is Rossi the best ever?

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Valentino Rossi reclaimed the MotoGP world crown in Australia on Sunday.

His success on a new bike for 2004 has earned him respect beyond measure. You've been posting your tributes to the man and his achievement on our Have Your Say bulletin boards since the result was known. If you want to add your own comments, click here

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Rossi. Best ever? Add your comments HERE.

Here's just some of what you've had to say already:

WilliamsDaniel: Thank you Rossi the best season of moto gp yet.

Basilis: "I have to admit I was not a Rossi fan due to his ridiculous behaviour. Since his move to Yamaha though, I really admire the man for his courage and attitude. Ever seeking the greatest challenge, not relying like a conformist on HRC and Honda's superiority, a really proud and honourable man. "My opinion would still be the same even if he had not won the title. However, Vale proved his excellence by developing the M1 into a winning machine and securing the championship (much credit to Jerry's eng. genius too...). The significance of this achievement also proves the value of committed and skillful individuals, as opossed to the arrogance of managers and corporations...For all these, I am truly grateful to Rossi. Best wishes for his future career in other forms of racing too."

Millemadmax: "To Valentino, what a fantastic job. Sete was devastated and understandably so. For Vale to force the win when he didn't need it showed us his character. He didn't want to be celebrating the championship win from the second step. Sete should be proud that he took it to Valentino on a satellite bike, though by the end of the season I'm sure his bike didn't want for much. For Vale, Jerry and the team to have done what they have done is an incredible achievement, one that we shall be talking about for years to come I'm sure. Trouble is how can next year live up to this? Where is the challenge going to come from? Anyway I'm going to enjoy and remember this one for quite some time. Bring on the party at Valencia!

Moto46: "That was the best race I have ever seen in my life. Im not usually the type but the way Rossi just had to win the race rather than settle for second brought a tear or two to my eyes! Awesome talent, certainly the greatest in history "Also respect to Gibernau even though he is a bad loser he gave it his all and was the only real competition this year. Roll on next year...

Rossi. Best ever? Add your comments HERE.

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