How was the GP for you?

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How was your experience of Donington MotoGP?

Was the parking and traffic organisation a real improvement? Or was it chaos as usual for you? What did you make of the ticketing, toilets and refereshments? Did the racing make up for the rain and cold?

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Here’s some opinions to get you rolling. Donington responds in this week’s MCN – out on July 27.

Tony Gillam: “I have attended every GP race held at Donington but may well have attended my last. Once again it took four hours to get out of the Car Park adjacent to Gates A and B near McCleans yesterday.

“This was not weather-related but due to poor management. My car did not move out of its line for the exit for three hours – until a policeman arrived at 7.30pm to ease the situation. One hour later we left by Gate B and finally arrived home at 11.30pm

“We were promised a better deal this year. What happened even worse chaos than last year!”

Chris Rowe, from Leicester, wrote…: “The biggest bag of crap I have ever seen in my life, I bet you won’t print a letter from a real fan of the MotoGP ( wrong, ed).

“3.5 hours just to get out of a car park – why? I have been to lots of bike meets, music festivals etc that have had a lot more people there than yesterday’s gp and only Donington can get it wrong every year and yes I do ride a bike (Suzuki gsxr750 k4 ).

“I and all my friends that were there yesterday will not be going to Donington next year , the marshals were a complete waste of fresh air they just left everyone to there own to get out ,not a single one we spoke to had any idea what was happening or why there was nobody moving…Everyone should stay away from Donington next year and force them to get it right.”

Sian and Robert Bagshawe wrote: “I would say that it was the best I have been to and I have been to every one since 2002. The weather didn’t spoil the atmosphere and we had a really good time.

“We travelled by car. What did spoil the day at the end was that it still took 2.5 hours to get out of the field we were parked in… Why every year does the day have to be spoilt by Donington’s promised better traffic management system.

“As far as I can see it hasn’t improved over the four MotoGP’s that I have been to and the attitude of the parking stewards who did nothing to organise or help the flow of traffic was the worst I have seen.”

Mark Williamson from London wrote: “A fantastic day yesterday with excellent racing. Being soaked to the skin didn’t spoil it for us. What did spoil it was the time taken to get out.

“Nearly three hours to leave the circuit by car. What made it much worse was the ineffectual car park marshals. They were there, but they did nothing. What exactly is there job description if it is not to aid the flow of traffic. There was no visible coordination or communication that we could see. How many years must this go on for?”

But David Maskell, said: “I have been going to Donington for a few years and can’t understand all the moans about getting out. We all know there is only one road and it’s bound to be busy. Like any sensible person I hang about.

“I aways spend 4 days at the GP and don’t pack to leave untill at least 9.30pm. Then it only takes two and a half hours to get back to London.

“I have no real moans, but the toilets could be better and the on-site food a bit cheaper.”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff