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Valentino Rossi reckons Fernando Alonso is running scared as the Italian MotoGP star continues to mock the Formula One world champion.

Rossi again had no hesitation in putting the boot into the Renault driver after the Spaniard’s refusal to accept Rossi’s invitation to go head-to-head to find out who is the world’s motorsport king.

The Camel Yamaha rider continued his verbal assault when he was asked his reaction to Alonso refusing to accept the challenge of driving a Formula One car, a world rally car and a MotoGP bike to see who is fastest. Sign up for Fantasy Road Race >>>HERE<<< Rossi, clearly revelling in taunting Alonso, threw down the gauntlet when he read reports that Alonso had boldly claimed that given time on a MotoGP machine he could claim a pole position and join Rossi on the podium.

“What Alonso said about MotoGP is not true and I think he knows this. Now he has said he doesn’t have time or he isn’t allowed to race the bike. For me, this will never, never happen in the future because maybe Alonso has made some calculations and realised he would lose. Now he makes the calculation and says that he doesn’t have time," said Rossi, who reckons Alonso would be at least 12 seconds slower than him if he got the chance to lap on a 260bhp MotoGP bike. Your next bike

Quality Bikes For Sale HERE Tests & user reviews HERE Rossi also mocked Alonso when he said that if he did ever complete a multi-million pound switch to Formula One with Ferrari, then it would be much easier than for a driver to make the transition to two wheels.

He said: “It is so different. It’s possible to go from motorbikes to cars because driving the car – well I don’t want to say its more easy – but it's easy.”

Rossi also played-down continued speculation linking him with a switch to Ferrari next year when his current contract with Yamaha runs out at the end of the season.

He said he had plans to jump behind the wheel of the Ferrari again for some time and said he is 100 per cent motivated and concentrated on winning a sixth straight premier class crown.

“Now starts my real championship and my real target for the year, “added the 27-year-old. Need kit? Pick it here Meanwhile David Coulthard has become the latest top Formula One driver to dismiss Valentino Rossi’s hopes of making a successful switch to four wheels from MotoGP.

The British driver reckons the 27-year-old Italian has no chance of repeating the success he has enjoyed on two wheels if he does decide to walkout on MotoGP at the end of the season.

The Red Bull driver, winner of 13 Formula One races, said: “I don't believe he would be as successful in formula one as he is in MotoGP. Could he be fast and achieve some success? Of course he could. But just being close to Michael Schumacher is not really enough - there are many drivers who are close to Michael but have never become world champion."

Rossi has refused to commit to a date when he must tell both Yamaha and Ferrari what his plans are for the 2007 campaign. His Yamaha contract expires at the end of the season and sources believe that Ferrari must know what the five-times MotoGP world champion’s plans are by the end of May.

But for the first time Rossi has revealed that he must make a decision sooner rather than later, with Yamaha needing to know whether they have to dip into the rider market to face the impossible task of replacing him should he quit.

“I don’t think this story will go on for long. Yamaha will have to decide, so I must decide soon, “said Rossi. MotoGP product reviews >>HERE<< Read more MotoGP news from Matthew Birt only in MCN out every Wednesday.

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