Changes to GP tyres

Published: 15 January 2007

A change to the rules for 2007 means every MotoGP rider will have to pre-select their weekend’s tyre choice before turning a wheel in anger.

 Cost-cutting measures mean riders will only be able to choose from 14 front and 17 rear tyres for the two days of practice and qualifying and the race – and they have to put all their eggs in one basket on Thursday, when they make their selection for the rest of the weekend. The agreement reached between Michelin, Bridgestone and Dunlop is designed to stop costs spiralling out of control.

It has been confirmed that riders will have to choose their 31 tyres between noon and 5pm on Thursday for Sunday races and Wednesday for Qatar and Assen’s Saturday races.

Dunlop is not included in the ban until they win two races in the dry.