Davies MotoGP future

Published: 15 January 2007

British teenager Chaz Davies has vowed to fulfil his MotoGP dream in the future despite missing out on the chance to ride the new Ilmor in the 2007 world championship.

Davies has been forced to rebuild his career in America having spent five years in 125 and 250 GPs.

He said: “Nothing has slipped away. What’s difficult is once you leave the MotoGP paddock it’s a longer route back in and it takes a little while.

“But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in any other paddock. “If you want to comeback to MotoGP, and ultimately I’m only 19 so I do, I don’t want to go somewhere and stay there for the rest of my career.

“It’s a longer road back in and it would be simpler to go into MotoGP now. I’m not in any rush to go there but I felt I’m doing myself no favours in 250s so there was no point in staying there.”