German GP thumbs-up

Went to Sachsenring MotoGP with a mate on the back, stayed Friday and Saturday - amazing! The Germans were the best: friendly, helpful, fun & generous. We never even had to buy a beer on Saturday.

On Sunday we secure-parked the bike & put all our gear in secure "holding" (all for 6 Euros; imagine that in the UK). Then it was a five minute walk to the track.

Straight after the racing finished we headed home. We left at 3pm and banged my way through Germany, Belgium and on to Calais on dry and great roads. Caught the 3am ferry, landed in Dover and guess what? It was belting it down with rain! We did the last 100 or so miles back to Newmarket. Great weekend; cannot wait for 2008! Keep rip off Donington - I'm off to Europe as much as possible!

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chris webster

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By chris webster