MotoGP: Casey Stoner says tyre complaints are just whinging

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CASEY STONER reckons Valentino Rossi's complaints about the new tyre rule are just sour grapes as the Australian takes giant steps towards a first MotoGP world title.

After Valentino rossi said the new-for-2007 tyre restrictions were killing the spectacle of MotoGP, Stoner said he thinks the restrictions are making MotoGP a more level playing field and that Bridgestone is simply doing a better job than under pressure rivals Michelin, who can no longer ship in special tyres made overnight.

The Australian Ducati star said: "They can moan and whinge about it as much as they want but it shows they've had such an advantage in the past. They just haven't been capable of bringing in a great tyre just for the race. At the beginning of the season they were all for it. And as soon as they don't win it's crap and as soon as they win it's nothing. I've had my bad races this year, especially in Germany and I'm not complaining about the tyre rule and that it is unfair. It's something you have to live with and you have rely on the company that supports you.

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Matthew Birt

By Matthew Birt